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    Castor and Licorice Dense Moisturizing Cream This cream will birth new life into dry, thirsty, damaged hair. Packed with moisture, this dense cream delivers unimaginable moisture on contact.

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    Scalp and Hair Grease Old-Fashioned Growth Stimulant A perfect blend of 100% natural herbs and oils designed to promote a healthy scalp and has been designed for optimum hair growth.

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    Stunning Defined, Shiny Curls Curl & Defining Cream This cream produces stunningly well defined twists and curls. Creates strong, lasting definition and a moisture-rich shiny look

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Our Products

Unimaginable Moisture Bundle
$ 50.00
Castor and Licorice Dense Moisturizing Cream
$ 18.00
Khlova's highly effective formula that helps prevent dry, breaking dull hair and flaky scalp. Made from Neem, Rosemary, Nettle Leaf and Yucca Root. These herbs were carefully and specifically chosen for their positive effects on scalp health, hair health and hair growth. All natural and organic botanical scalp balm.
$ 15.00
Curl and Defining Cream
$ 18.00
Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing and Softening Conditioner
$ 15.00
Khlova Curl Conditioning Masque™
$ 15.00
Hibiscus and Avocado Hair and Body Conditioning Oil
$ 15.00
Avocado & Aloe Refreshing Tonic
$ 15.00
Customer Testimonials
Don't Just Take Our Word For It!
Love the Castor and Licorice moisturizing Cream! Love it! My hair is thick, unruly, and has a mind of it's own. But my hair is always moisturized. I don't have to use this product as often because of its thick consistency and moisturizing properties. I love this product!

Hasana H.

Happy User!

Huge fan of the Old Fashioned Hair Grease. I like the light consistency and the fact that it does not cause build up. It is very light on my scalp and seems to disappear. Like I said, I am a huge fan of this product.

Semon J.

Happy User!

I absolutely love the Curl and Defining Cream and I am so glad to have these products in my arsenal. This cream is great at detangling my daughters hair and has shortened our wash day routine. This product is a must have that serves as both a great detangler and curl definer. I also use it for my twist outs and my definition is OUTTA CONTROL!

Shanta B.

Happy User!