About Khlova Hair

Hey, Hey, Hey!

My name is Vanessa and I am OBSESSED with healthy hair and formulating natural hair products!

Allow me to share my story! In 2002, I moved several hours away from my home, my family, and my coveted HAIR STYLIST!  I was working twelve hour days as a Scientist on a huge government project.  Living alone and in a new city was a beautiful adventure, but I had no idea how to style my hair nor did I know how to properly care for my hair.  After several failed attempts to find a Stylist, I took matters into my own hands and began researching. Hey, research came easy for me, because I was a Scientist after all, right? Right!

So, I joined countless online hair communities and absorbed all there was to learn.  I joined almost every hair challenge that that was thrown out there and I was loving it.  I had a few setbacks, but eventually, I learned what my, then relaxed, hair thrived on and I met and surpassed all of my hair goals. Eventually, my pass time hair escapades rapidly became my after-work obsession.

Between my strong passion and ridiculous commitment to trying new products and hair regimens, my hair growth took off!  Eventually, I helped several coworkers and countless friends and family members attain their hair goals.

But alas, I became a MOM. Two years into Motherhood, I decided to forego relaxers and embrace my natural texture. PLOT TWIST!! All the products that I thought would take my natural hair to the next level, in fact did just the opposite.  I had to relearn, re-evaluate, and re-work my hair regimen. Oy!

It was at this point I began experimenting and creating products that would lend all-day moisture, without daily application. I began playing around with different ingredients and researching the properties of those ingredients, because, you know, Scientist.  Formulating products became a daily ‘thing’ and after witnessing the success of my Natural hair goals, many friends and family began requesting products.  This eventually led to the opening of a Natural Hair Boutique where hundreds of women were helped to achieve their natural hair goals.

My heart and passion have been with healthy hair since 2002. After many trials and eventually successfully accomplishing my hair goals, it was then I decided to go forward with my dream of helping women reach their hair goals and to help them build confidence through their tresses!  So here you have it, Khlova Hair!